About Us

Arcvisa Studio

is a young, dynamic architectural firm that prides itself with creating beautiful unique spaces specific to each client’s vision. Architectural design should facilitate human activity, while providing a harmonious environment for the cohabitation of the surrounding natural elements. Architecture is a social art which provides a sense of place or being, inspiring people, promoting well-being and offering spaces where a person may be at peace with themselves.

Our team is all about developing design concepts and ideas using technical understanding of the brief at hand. We believe a refined architectural design requires a process of growth and elimination in order to achieve the best possible outcome and exceed our client’s expectations. Creative thinking is what we as a team pride ourselves on together with extensive research of  innovative approaches in using new age products and materials.

Our Team


Pierre du Toit (Director)

Senior Architectural Designer & 3D / CG Render Artist

Pierre has over 15 years experience in architectural design and 3D modelling. His passion is creating photo realistic renderings of architectural structures and spaces, which is evident in his ability to bring the atmosphere of these spaces to life. Pierre studied architecture at the Academy of Advanced Technology in South Africa, from where he developed his forte for 3D modelling and architectural imagery. He has also completed a number of International 3D training programs from where he developed his expert skill within the modelling and rendering industry.


Tasmin Lee du Toit (Director)

B. Tech Arch (UJ) 2011, Pr.S.Arch.T (SACAP)
Senior Architectural Designer & Interior Designer

With over 8 years experience in the Architecture field, Tasmin realised the need in the industry for an innovative fresh approach with quick turnaround times and an understanding of the client’s vision. Her passion for architecture, interior design and urban design is evident in her work and this was the inspiration which led to the creation of Arcvisa Studio. Architecture is more than just a habitable space required for specific functions, it should encompass the way we feel and consider the holistic approach to life.